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  • The Office was formerly known as “Municipal Funeral Parlor” and established in October 1970. It was located at the current site of Bo Ai Vocational Training Center. Due to the rapid increase of population commensurate with urban development, the original simple facilities could no longer satisfy people in their demands for funeral services. In view of providing more services, in 1979 the City Government has chosen Fudingjin in Sanmin District to set up an office and constructed new funeral facilities. In 1982, the city’s first comprehensive funeral services area including a crematorium and ossuary was completed.

    As an aging society looms, funeral services have become an important part of social administration. In order to provide city residents with high-quality funeral services, in 1992 the City Government spent 112.4 million NT Dollars to construct an office building. In 2001, a new refrigeration and casket placement building was completed to provide city residents with high-quality funeral services.

    On January 1, 2003, the admin was changed from being under the Social Affairs Bureau to the Civil Affairs Bureau. On July 28, 2010, it was reorganized as the Mortuary Services Office. After Kaohsiung City and County were merged on December 25, 2010, its jurisdiction was expanded.